Train fault on EWL: Lakeside passengers wait for over 20 min for free bus -- which never came

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Train faults are bound to happen, but shouldn't the staff and make-up bus services be able to handle such situations by now?

This was the point Stomper brotherlove wished to raise after being left fuming due to the lack of bus services or announcements at Lakeside MRT Station today (Apr 11).

The Stomper was about to tap his EZ-Link card and go past through the gantry at 7.59am when he heard an announcement that train services had been delayed on the East-West Line (EWL) due to a train fault.

So the Stomper approached the staff at the train station, who he said had informed him that free bus services were available on bus stops on both sides of the station.

As such, brotherlove went to one of the stops to wait for a bus. However, he said, he was left fuming after no buses arrived for 20 minutes.

This prompted him to cross over to the other side of the station, but no bus arrived there as well.

The Stomper said he then noticed that the trains were moving again, so he decided to approach the staff again.

He then realised that the delay was over and train services had resumed, so he took the train to his destination.

brotherlove said what angered him most was that the station staff told him that bus services had already ceased.

"Why wasn't any of the staff informing the commuters waiting at the bus stops about this?"

"It is my second day at work. And instead of reaching at 8.40, I reached my destination over 30 minutes later.

"Train faults are bound to happen, but why are the staff and bus services not able to handle it well?

"The buses were not arriving, and the staff was not informing people about the delays or that the train services had resumed."

"Just look at the photos. Is this the best we can expect after so many train delays?"

SMRT first tweeted at 7.44am to expect an additional 25 minutes travel time between Joo Koon and Queenstown stations.

It subsequently tweeted that free regular bus services are available.

The fault was cleared at 8.08am, according to SMRT.

The Straits Times reports that this is the second day in a row that commuters have experienced delays on the EWL.

On Monday afternoon, there were delays of up to 15 minutes between Bugis and Tanah Merah stations due to a platform screen door fault at Bedok station.