TP officer gives jaywalking pedestrian an earful at junction

As motorists, most of us would have encountered jaywalkers on the road.

But have you ever encountered a pedestrian who walked right into a waiting Traffic Police (TP) officer?

That is exactly the sight that motorists encountered in this clip posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road and credited to Darren Lim.

While vehicles stopped at a traffic junction, a TP officer pulls up on his motorcycle.

A jaywalking pedestrian, who is zigzagging his way across traffic, almost knocks into the officer.

The officer gives him an earful for jaywalking when the pedestrian crossing was just a few metres away.

The pedestrian quickly gets back onto the pavement to join other pedestrians who are crossing the road, and the officer goes off on his way.

Netizens also pointed out how the jaywalker would almost have been knocked down by the officer due to his recklessness in walking across traffic.

They also pointed out how the pdestrian was lucky to get off with just an earful as jaywalking is an offence that can get you fined.

If said pedestrian is jaywalking closer to a traffic crossing, overhead bridge, zebra crossing or underpass, then the fine amount will probably be higher, added netizens.