Thug life level 1000: Man takes a nice piss near road in front of The Cathay at Dhoby Ghaut

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In a video sent in by a Stomper this afternoon, a daring man is seen peeing on the grass patch near the roadside of The Cathay at Dhoby Ghaut.

The man is seen with a luggage but it is unclear whether or not he is foreign.

After peeing, he proceeds to sit back down on the bench, sipping his drink -- oblivious to whatever just happened.

Thick skin much?

And did other passers-by not notice this going on!?

The Cathay is right behind him with working toilets and he decides to pee next to the road.

Foreigner or local, he should know that such things are clearly not allowed in Singapore.

And EWWW, he touched his face after peeing -- and he did not wash his hands. EWWW.