This S'porean's funny song on seized Terrex vehicles will make you smile

Ever since nine Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Terrex infantry carriers were seized in Hong Kong on Nov 23, diplomatic tensions between Singapore and China have been running high.

In an attempt to offer a more lighthearted look on the whole issue, Singaporean Alvin Oon composed a catchy song titled ‘Give Me Back My Terrex Chia’.

According to AsiaOne, Mr Oon got his inspiration from dialect songs from the old days.

Filled with colloquial phrases, such as “cannot suka suka (as you please) take from me”, the song has proven to be a hit with Singaporeans, garnering over 90 thousand views since it was posted on YouTube on Monday (Jan 9).

“It took me two days to write the lyrics and tune, arrange the music, record all the vocals, do a quick mix of the tracks and edit the video,” Mr Oon told AsiaOne.

In a Facebook post published yesterday (Jan 10), Mr Oon expressed his gratitude to everyone for their support and said that the highlight of his day was listening to the song being played on 97.2FM.

He said, “Always wanted to be a singer songwriter… just didn’t expect to gain recognition this way!

“But what’s most important is to add a smile to everyone’s day. Our world can do with more smiles and laughs!”

In light of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, popular local blogger mrbrown also posted a video about the seized vehicles. Set to the tune of the classic song ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi’, his song also appeals to the Chinese government to return the seized vehicles.