This Sailormoon wedding video will make you ROFL

Submitted by Stomper Alan

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When loving couple Kok Hwa and Nicole tied the knot, they decided to have a colourful take on the traditional Chinese custom of gatecrashing.

Stomper Alan alerted Stomp to a video uploaded on the AlanMitchiProductions Facebook page yesterday (May 7), in which the distressed groom can be seen worrying about the tasks set by the dreaded 'Red Packet Pointed Chest Big Siew Pao'. He will have to complete the series of challenges before he can get to his bride.

However, he pulls through and decides to face the challenges head on, thanks to the support from his 'xiong di's', who are each secretly a 'SailorMan', a parody of the popular anime character Sailor Moon.

True to its purpose of testing a groom's sincerity and love, the tasks set for them include eating sandwiches filled with chilli, licking what appears to be Nutella from body parts and offering leg (and chest) hair.

Thankfully, they emerge victorious and the bride and groom share a passionate kiss in the bride's home.  

Check out the hilarious video below.