These River Valley residents probably don't own rubbish bins in their homes

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Stomper John is frustrated with his neighbours who have littered the roof above Five Star Chicken Rice below his walk-up apartment at River Valley Road.

The Stomper took photos of the disgusting state yesterday (Apr 13) and told Stomp that he has reached his wit's end on how to deal with the matter.

"This has been happening for months now and it is so disgusting," said John.

"I have even seen dead rats on the roof with flies surrounding their carcasses.

"I'm also worried that mosquitoes may breed because debris like beer cans are blocking the drains.

"This neighbourhood brings shame to Singapore's clean and hygienic image."

He said that he called the National Environment Agency (NEA) yesterday to report the issue and is waiting for a response.

"I hope that this problem can be solved soon by bringing attention to it on Stomp."