Taxi drivers, don't complain if you're going to be so choosy

A Stomper alerted Stomp to a post on Facebook page Singapore Taxi Driver highlighting the pickiness of some taxi drivers.

Facebook user Don Chang, presumably a taxi driver as well, posted about how he picked up passengers early this morning (Jan 1) whom had been waiting for hours because taxi drivers did not want to go to their respective addresses.

He wrote that the passengers he had picked up had as many as eight taxi drivers who pulled up only to drive away again after asking for their destinations.

He added:

"Very disappointed that until now, [there are] still so many taxi [drivers who] still choose their customers."

"Don't complain business [is] no good on cold days because you are the one who spoil our image [and] reputation giving the passenger more reasons to take Uber or Grab when you choose to pick up pax to your preferred area only."

The Stomper agreed with Don and told Stomp:

"Taxi drivers should be less picky."