Taxi crashes through fences and into compounds of Compassvale Secondary School, driver claims vehicle faulty

Submitted by Stomper Hanz

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Stomper Hanz passed by Compassvale Secondary School on his way home this morning at 12am, and was shocked to see that a taxi had barged into the school compounds. 

Apparently, the taxi had traversed across a grass field and crashed through the fences surrounding the school. 

There were also police officers and an ambulance present, according to Hanz. 

Said the surprised Stomper:

“The taxi driver appeared fine.

“He told us that the taxi had malfunctioned and that was how he had crashed into the school. 

“I Think the driver was probably reversing his vehicle when he just went all the way into the field and crashed through the fences. 

“The back of the school faces a garbage disposal center so maybe that’s why he was reversing there to get out.

“I’ve been staying here for over 10 years and this is the first time I’ve seen such a case.”