Supply to 58 units disrupted after sparks fly from electrical room in Hougang Ave 5 block

Submitted by Stomper Clement

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Stomper Clement thought someone was playing with firecrackers when he heard loud sounds coming from the void deck of block 363, Hougang Avenue 5, at 8.32am today (Apr 2).

However, when he looked out his window to see what was happening, he saw sparks flying out of the electrical room at the void deck of the block.

The sparks were accompanied by bright flashes and thundering sounds, followed by thick grey smoke billowing out of the room.

"Our brave warriors from the Singapore Civil Defence Force soon arrived to manage the situation," said Clement. 

An SCDF spokespeson said they received a call at about 8.30am today about a fire involving an electrical switch-box at 363, Hougang Avenue 5.

"The fire was extinguished using a dry powder extinguisher," said the spokesperson.

"There were no reports of injuries," added the spokesperson.

In response to Stomp's queries, a Singapore Power (SP) spokesperson said:

"Electricity supply to 58 units at Block 363 Hougang Avenue 5 was disrupted at 8.59am today.

"Our officers were immediately deployed to the site.

"They detected a burnt overground box at the void deck of the block.

"This damage resulted in the supply disruption.

"Electricity supply was restored at 11.58am.

"We are investigating the cause of the incident."