Stomper proposes time limit for patrons and WiFi restrictions at Starbucks to curb seat-hogging

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A Stomper has proposed a couple of suggestions that he feels can be implemented at Starbucks outlets to tackle the issue of seat-hogging.

Over the years, the hogging of seats by patrons who hang around the coffee joints for up to hours at a go has left some hot under the collar. Some of them have written in to us to express their displeasure with what they have experienced.

For example, in March this year, we published a story based on Stomper Alex's experience with seat-hoggers at a Starbucks outlet in Tampines Hub.

Stomper Bear also had a similar experience at an outlet in Seletar Mall and shared with us her story on Sep 10 last year.

In response to the issue, a Stomper has come up with two suggestion that may help prevent the problem.

His first suggestion is to have time limits for patrons at the outlets. In a telephone interview, he suggested that the time limit should be one hour. This, in his opinion, will give patrons sufficient time to consume their food and beverages and at the same time ensure that there will be space for others.

The next suggestion is to only provide WiFi access to those who make purchases at Starbucks. He feels this will reduce the amount of 'free loaders' at the outlets, making more space for customers to utilise.

Stompers, what do you think of these suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.