Stomper pays $120 for iPhone from Carousell seller -- only to find that it can't be used

Submitted by Stomper Anon

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Anon would like to warn all Stompers to be more careful when buying items off Carousell.

The Stomper bought a second-hand iPhone for $120 from Carousell user 'chenlee89' last Friday (May 12) at around 5pm -- only to find that the phone was an 'iCloud-locked' phone.

This meant that she would not be able to use the phone until it was unlocked by the owner. 

Said the Stomper:

"When I met up with the Carousell seller at the void deck of Jurong West Block 495 last Friday, I did not take a SIM card along to test the phone.

"I simply only made sure it could be switched on. I didn't know you had to insert a SIM card to test for the iCloud-lock function.

"So after going home and inserting the card, I realised the problem. I called him on his phone but he did not pick up.

"When we parted, he still told me that I could call him if there was any problem.

"Texted him over Carousell and WhatsApp but he read my messages and did not reply. After many hours of messages and about hundred of calls, he finally replied saying he was working and would only end work a few hours later.

"He said he would go home to check his iTunes password with his laptop. I waited but he kept giving excuses.

"I was really fed up and asked for a refund. He then blocked me off his WhatsApp."

The Stomper has since made a police report, and she suspects that the iPhone might have been a stolen one.