Stomper bites into stone in curry buns purchased from bakery -- not once, but twice

Submitted by Stomper Ks

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Stomper Ks was was infuriated when he bit into a curry bun only to find that there was a piece of rock in it.

Ks said that the bread was purchased from a reputable bakery at Millennia Walk on April 21.

According to Ks, this was not the first time.

A week before the incident, on April 14, he had bought bread from the same store too, and  as he was eating it, bit into a piece of rock.

The incident damaged his tooth, and a trip to the dentist cost $4,000. 

Said Ks:

“I hope the management can review the issue and give me a proper answer.

“Also, please ensure that the buns are clear of rocks so no one else will suffer like I did.”