S'porean Getai owner suffers from fatal brain haemorrhage after lifetime of feasting and drinking

The 52-year-old Singaporean owner of getai group,  无招牌歌台, died from a fatal brain haemorrhage last Sunday morning (May 21) in a hospital, after a lifetime of unhealthy eating and drinking.

The 75-year-old father of the deceased said that his son had won over a million dollars in a lottery many years ago and since then, had been leading a decadent lifestyle, feasting and drinking alcohol daily, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

Once, the deceased even drank 10 cans of soda in a single day.

As a result of his unhealthy lifestyle, the deceased had suffered from high cholesterol, hypertension and hyperglycemia. 

The heartbroken father said:

“Although we had all advised him to be careful when it came to his diet, he would not listen to us.

“A few years back, the doctors advised him to undergo a heart bypass surgery after a full-body checkup. 

“However, he did not undergo the operation in the end and ran from the operating theatre.”

The deceased’s wife also said that her husband had been experiencing blurred visions before getting admitted to a hospital.

On Saturday (May 20), she had found him awake, but unable to move his body at all.

His consciousness was also slipping away, and his wife quickly called for an ambulance. 

A checkup revealed that he had suffered a brain haemorrhage, and the victim slipped into a comatose state, requiring life support. 

The father of the deceased said that his family had informed him that they decided to take his son off life support on Sunday morning (May 21).