S'porean elderly woman undergoing surgery: Has anyone seen my missing husband? He has dementia

While a 77-year-old woman was hospitalised for surgery just a few days before the Lunar New Year this year (2017), her husband, a 79-year-old dementia patient with high blood pressure went missing.

It’s been two months since the woman last seen or heard from her husband, reports Shin Min via Lianhe Zaobao.

The elderly woman told reporters that she is worried about her husband and hopes he returns home soon:

“We (My son and I) weren’t with him on the day when he went missing.

“On the same day, I had fallen from my wheelchair while I was on a bus.

“The fall caused a fracture on my left hip and as a result, I had to go for an operation.

“We only discovered that he (my husband) didn’t come home at all when my son went back to retrieve my medical records.”

The woman said that her husband would usually accompany her to sell tissue paper or loiter at the void deck.

She would pick him up when she returned home every day at around 4pm to 5pm:

“He likes to wander around, but I can’t keep up with him on my wheelchair.

“Usually he would come and find me on his own.”

She also revealed that he has high blood pressure, and needs to be on regular medication or he would faint:

“He has been missing for more than two months now. 

“I am very worried.

“Every day I hope that he will turn up at my doorstep.

“Sometimes, when I sleep, I dream about him telling me that he is ill and unable to return. 

“I get scared just thinking about it.

“I really hope he comes back soon.”