SPCA issues response regarding dog that was 'left out to dry' at Yishun playground

Netizens were outraged when a post regarding a dog that was 'left out to dry' at a playground at Block 403 Yishun Ave 6 was posted by a Facebook user on May 2.

The Facebook poster said that dog owner's children regularly bring the dog down to the playground, tie its leash to the equipment, and leave it there under the sun for close to an hour.

Feeling for the dog as she heard its 'cries', the netizen asked the children why they keep doing this.

They replied that the dog had just had a bath and needed to dry up.

The woman was outraged that this family was treating the dog like laundry and posted a photo of the dog on her Facebook page.

On May 3, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Singapore) posted a statement regarding the incident on their Facebook page.

They wrote:

"We thank everyone for their concern for the dog that was left out to dry in the sun at a playground in Yishun.

"SPCA staff have counselled the family and cautioned them against leaving the dog out in the sun. We provided alternatives to the family by suggesting that they dry the dog by towelling it after a bath or to invest in a blow dryer.

"The family informed us that they were not aware of the risks of leaving their dog out in the sun, and have expressed regret and promised not to repeat their actions.

"We will be following up on this case to ensure the safety of the animal.

"Leaving an animal out under the sun is dangerous as the animal can suffer from heat injuries, such as heat stroke, which may possibly result in death. This can occur very quickly, especially in our hot and humid climate.

"It is our duty of care as responsible pet owners to provide adequate shelter for our pets and not subject them to harm or discomfort.