So much hope for new shelter at Lakeside MRT Station -- but it turns out to be a big disappointment

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After months of putting up with the loud construction work noise, squeezing through narrow make-shift walkways with umbrellas on rainy days  -- you are relieved that the constructions for the newly built shelter at Lakeside MRT station is finally done.

That means no more construction work noise, squeezing through narrow unstable pathways, and most importantly, SHELTER on rainy days -- sounds good?

You decide to use the shelter this morning (Jan 23), in hopes to stay clear of the heavy rain -- only to realise that the shelter has a leaking roof.

A leaking roof on a rainy day, how useful is that?

Said the Stomper who contributed a footage of the situation:

"The users of the station were happy and satisfied about the upgrading as they have much more space when waiting for the bus now.

"But it's ironic how there is limited space to hide from the pouring rain due to the leaking roof."

And if you watch the video closely, the leak from the roof undoubtedly makes the floors wet, making it dangerous for commuters as they might slip should they not be cautious.

Sigh, so much for being a shelter.