So many ofo and oBikes misused and abused this weekend all over the island

Submitted by Stomper D, Helen, Ida, Mae

Several ofo bikes and one oBike were reported as being abused and misused at several locations around the island yesterday and today.

Some were seen kept improperly at HDB blocks.

A Stomper spotted an ofo bike parked at a lift lobby at Block 32 New Market Road while D found an ofo bike's lock removed and chained to a bike parking area at Block 312A Clementi Ave 4.

Other Stompers saw bikes just lying haphazardly on the roads.

Helen spotted a bike parked next to a bus stop at Choa Chu Kang while Ida saw an oBike "dumped" by the side of the road at Boon Lay Way.

"I came back last night and I saw this bicycle at the road side near Boon Lay Way. Seriously what happened to these people? So irresponsible!" Ida said.

Stomper Mae had a slightly different experience with other users of the ofo bikes at D'resort in Pasir Ris:

"I unlocked an ofo bike in an open area near a barbecue pit and went to push it out to ride it but two men suddenly stopped me from doing so.

"They claimed that they were still using it but the bikes were clearly locked and the men were no where near the bike at first .

"I guess they were indeed still using one of the bikes as a rubbish bag was hanging from one of the handles.

"I have the right to take the bike as they have ended their usages yet they "reserved" the bikes. So much for 'sharing is caring'."

Ofo and oBike are two of three companies offering bicycle sharing services for the public.

For ofo, all rides are currently free as part of a trial period, and ofo's policy states that bikes can literally be returned anywhere, provided that it does not obstruct pathways and remains visible.

This is not the first case of ofo bicycles being abused. Check out the other cases that Stomp has been alerted to.