SMRT taxi consumed by intense fire which melted its glass at Woodlands Avenue 6

Submitted by Stomper Andrew, TheCrusader8

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Stomper Andrew and TheCrusader8 alerted Stomp to an SMRT taxi which caught on fire at around 5.30pm today (Jan 18) along Woodlands Avenue 6. 

Andrew spotted the fire from a carpark across the road while TheCrusader8 saw it from a distance further and thought it was a fogging of mosquitoes. 

However, as he moved closer, he discovered how wrong he was.

He said, "People were taking photos and the fire was so huge that the glass melted off the taxi."

A photo of the blazing vehicle has also been circulating on WhatsApp.

Singapore Civil Defence Force has confirmed that they were alerted to the incident at 5.52pm and the fire involved a compartment in an SMRT taxi.

The fire was extinguished by a water jet and two compressed air foam backpack.

No one was reported injured.