Sly tailgater at Sengkang carpark probably didn't get enough ang paos to pay for parking

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Stomper Simon was driving out of a carpark in Sengkang yesterday (Jan 30) at around 10.30am when a driver tailgated his car out of a gantry to avoid paying for parking charges.

In a video the Stomper posted on YouTube, a white Kia can be seen following closely behind his car at a zebra crossing. 

The driver of the Kia with licence plate number SJQ5320K then moved closer to the rear of the Stomper's vehicle as the latter was reaching a gantry at the exit of the carpark.

The Stomper first drove out of the carpark, and the Kia driver followed suit without first waiting for the barrier to descend.

He then overtook Simon's car after leaving the carpark.