Should postman be leaving Bukit Merah resident's parcel to his neighbour if he was not at home?

Submitted by Stomper C

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Stomper C was horrified to learn that a parcel meant for him was left with a neighbour by a postman when he was not at home to receive the package.

In an email and telephone interview, the Stomper said that he saw a Speedpost note at his door on Feb 21 after he returned to his Bukit Merah home from work at around 10pm.

Read the note:

"Your parcel is with your neighbour. Please collect from her."

C felt concerned at the actions of the person who delivered the parcel.

He said:

"I was horrified that such thing could happen.

"How can the postman just leave my parcel to somebody like that? Even if I collected my parcel at Singpost, I would have to produce my IC.

"I don't know my neighbour very well as she is a tenant. 

"I have tried knocking on her door for the past two days at night when I got home from work but there has been no response.

"My parcel contains vitamins which I plan to consume next week. 

"No doubt it's nothing dangerous but it's private.

"I don't know what the postman is thinking when he or she decided to do such a thing."