Schoolboy comes within a hair's breadth of being run down by careless driver at Toa Payoh Lor 7

A young student came within inches of getting run down by a driver who was oblivious to the surrounding while making a turn at junction at Toa Payoh Lorong 7.

A clip of the incident was uploaded on, and shows the boy heading down the walkway towards the pedestrian crossing.

As the green man comes on at the traffic lights, the kid starts to cross the road.

However, a driver who seems to not have noticed the boy makes a left turn, almost knocking him down in the process.

The driver speeds off, seemingly oblivious to the entire incident, and the kid carries on with crossing the road.

Netizens were quite vocal in the view that the driver should have been more careful while turning, as the boy had the right of way in crossing.

However, they also added that pedestrians should be mindful of traffic when crossing, even if the lights are in their favour.

Watch the video here.