Rugby coach killed on KJE after runaway tyre slams into him: Horrific video shows how it happened

Rugby coach, Slemat Rakisan died in a freak accident on the KJE yesterday (Mar 16) when a runaway tyre knocked him off his motorcycle.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

A video circulating on WhatsApp shows the exact moment the tyre slammed into him.

It appears that the tyre had come from the opposite side of the expressway from a trailer truck that had come to a stop at the road shoulder.

A prominent figure in the local rugby scene, tributes for Mr Rakisan have started pouring out on social media.

Facebook user Suresh Nair described Mr Rakisan's passing as a "very sad day for Singapore sports".

The Singapore rugby fraternity has been shaken by his death.

The 57-year-old was a father of three and shone as a rugby player at his alma mater Saint Andrew's School.

He then became a coach at the school as well as a referee, referee instructor and leading rugby administrator, locally and internationally.

Ridzal Saat, the Rugby Services manager at World Rugby, the sport’s global governing body, described Mr Rakisan as an “extraordinary role model at rugby and football”.

He added: “I’m lost for words. He was very special in many ways. Whatever Slemat touched, just turned wonders. He was outstanding as a player, referee, referee instructor, SRU senior official and was faithful in his sports-community work at Yuhua Community Club at football and he even actively served at Jamiyah Singapore, too, to help the Muslim community.”