RSAF video gives rare insight into how fighter pilots tackle a 10-hour flight

By Sujin Thomas
3 March 2017

There's no in-flight entertainment, no hot meals served on a tray and no chance at all of getting up to use the washroom or even to stretch their legs.

So how do fighter jet pilots do it if faced with a lengthy 10-hour flight from Singapore to say, New Zealand?

A video posted by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) on its Facebook page on Feb 27 gave an insight into what goes on in the cockpit of an F-15SG, along with some really cool panoramic views.

In the 1 min 37 second clip, RSAF pilots explained that they keep their meals simple, relying on energy bars or chocolates, and avoid heavy foods made from dairy products or curry which might lead to an upset tummy mid-flight.

Why? It's because "there's simply not enough space in the aircraft". Er, we get what you mean.

And when they need to do a No.1, well, they do it in pee bags while strapped to their seats.

Sounds like a rough ride for the average Joe right? Well, it's a regular day at the office for these jocks.