Riders and bikes sent flying after motorcycles clash at Boon Lay traffic junction

Two bikes, a careless rider, and a traffic light.

A video uploaded onto Facebook page Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, credited to Ryan Lim, showed what happened when two motorcycles collided at the junction of Boon Lay Drive and Boon Lay Way on Mar 14.

In the video taken from the dashcam of a vehicle at the traffic junction, a car is first seen turning right from Boon Lay Way towards Boon Lay Drive.

A motorcycle follows suit, but another motorcyclist travelling straight along Boon Lay Way in the opposite direction appears and collides with the turning motorcycle.

Both motorcyclists are sent flying, as are their bikes.

The motorcyclist who was riding along Boon Lay Way is seen sprawled in the middle of the road, while the one who was turning is flung onto the pedestrian crossing at Boon Lay Drive.

A passing motorcyclist stops at the side of Boon Lay Way to check on the motorcyclist lying in the middle of the road, while a vehicle driver whose vehicle is stopped at the junction runs out to help the motorcyclist at the pedestrian crossing, who has managed to stumble to his feet.

Comments on the video said that the motorcyclist who was turning had not been paying attention to the road as he had not checked for traffic.

This caused him to not notice the motorcyclist riding down Boon Lay Way, resulting in the collision.