Relief teacher who hurled vulgarities at student no longer employed by Yishun school

A relief teacher who was caught on camera hurling vulgarities at a student is no longer employed by the secondary school in Yishun.

In the videos, which appear to have been taken on Snapchat, the teacher can be heard shouting at a girl, who also raised her voice while her peers laughed in amusement.

It was earlier reported that school staff had told a user who uploaded the clip onto YouTube not to post the video online, to avoid drawing attention to the incident.

According to the school, the incident took place when the class was being supervised by a young, untrained relief teacher.

The school has since counselled both the student and the relief teacher involved and advised them on the appropriate classroom behaviour.

A school spokesman told The Straits Times on Monday that both parties "have regretted their actions and are apologetic". He added that the relief teacher is no longer engaged by the school.

"We are providing the necessary support to the affected students in the class and working closely with their parents," he said.