Reckless e-biker along Woodlands Road puts himself in danger with his 'bochup' attitude

Submitted by Stomper Dale

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Stomper Dale sent Stomp a video showing an e-biker riding dangerously along Woodlands Road two days ago (Feb 16) at 2.18pm.

In the video, the biker can be seen riding in between the first and second lane on the two-lane road. He was trying to overtake an SBS bus.

As he was doing so, he filtered into the second lane and a pickup truck had to slow down to give way to him to avoid an accident.

He then filtered back into the first lane after overtaking the bus.

Dale expressed his disapproval over the biker's actions.

Said the Stomper:

"He had no helmet and no safety gear. He was even wearing slippers.

"This is not safe.

"His 'bochup' attitude is very dangerous."

In Singapore, e-bikers must ride with a helmet on.

E-bikes must also be ridden on the left side of the road and in such a manner as not to obstruct vehicles moving at a faster speed.