Real or staged? Guys threaten and rain blows on man at New Upper Changi Rd coffeeshop, until shopkeeper intervenes

Submitted by Stomper Feriena

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Stomp understands that the 'fight' was part of a filming production for a commercial.

Original article:

Stomper Feriena was dining with her friend at a coffeeshop at Block 56 Upper Changi Road when she a fight break out.

Two guys were interrogating another man seated at a table.

Their conversation was not clear but one guy could be heard saying,

"You sure you don't recognise him?

"You wait..."

He then stood up to make a phone call before returning to the guy and dragging him off his seat.

His friend joined him and together they started beating and kicking the guy on the floor.

This lasted for a few seconds before a man believed to be the shopkeeper came in to break up the fight and to chase the two troublemakers away.

Although the shopkeeper should be lauded for standing up for the victim, something about the whole incident appears to be staged.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.