Rabbit on bus is actually under a lot of stress and in danger, says animal welfare group

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Bunny Wonderland, a group dedicated to the welfare of rabbits, has voiced its concerns over an incident where a bunny was spotted on a bus.

Stomper J Wee's friend had boarded bus service number 61 at Alexandra Hospital and spotted a small white bunny perched on the handle near a window.

In response to Stomp's article on this incident, Bunny Wonderland wished to highlight the danger and stress the rabbit would have been in during this situation.

Lynne Tan, a representative of Bunny Wonderland, said:

"Rabbits are prey animals and are most comfortable with all four legs on the ground.

"They do not perch like birds and they do not enjoy heights.

"Also, they are naturally designed to run as fast as possible if they encounter danger.

"A sudden jerk or loud noise on the bus can cause the rabbit to fall and get hurt.

"If it escaped, it can even get run over and die!

"As you can see, this incident puts the rabbit in a very stressful situation.

"Animal welfare groups are trying our best to educate the public on accurate care for the animals.

"We all play a role in educating the public on protecting the animals.

"We hope that bystanders will help a helpless animal."