Police report made after idiot seen throwing and stepping on ofo bicycle

Bike-sharing company ofo has lodged a police report, following a video showing one of its bicycles being vandalised by a youth that was posted online.

The clip was originally uploaded on Twitter and shared by the Fabrications About The PAP Facebook page.

It shows a guy forcefully tossing the bike onto the ground and then stepping on it multiple times, as someone filmed him.

ofo Singapore has since responded to the incident, believed to have taken place in Geylang Bahru, by posting a Facebook photo of the police report that was filed.

It also said, "We noted several incidents of misusing our service.

"While we trust our users with full heart and will continue providing the best-quality bike-sharing convenience, we would not hesitate to report to police or take legal actions against vandalisms.

"We invite all warm-hearted users to report damaging behaviors to report-sg@ofo.so."