Please lah, repainting ofo bikes or locking them up don’t make them yours

Submitted by Stomper ice

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Ofo bikes getting misused have become a common sight in Singapore. 

Stomper ice was irritated after she came across two ofo bikes at Block 621A, Edgefield walk; one was chained to a pipe, while the other was painted silver, but the words, ‘ofo’ could still be partially seen, and its lock was removed.  

The incident happened today (May 23) at around 12.15pm. 

Ice, a regular user of public bicycles said:

“I think this is the work of some naughty kids who took the bikes and spray painted them and took them for their own.

“This kind of behaviour is irresponsible, selfish and inconsiderate.

“I hope ofo takes action against such abusers soon and seize the bicycles back.”