Passenger uses $5 promo code for uberPOOL and realises that original fare is more expensive than taking uberX

Submitted by Stomper Julian

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Julian used a promo code to book an uberPOOL yesterday morning (May 25) but noticed something shocking.

The price for the ride was $3.68 after the promo he applied deducted $5 from the fare.

Julian pointed out that meant that the original fare was $8.68, more than how much an uberX ride would cost at $7.94 to the same destination.

"It seems that uberPOOL is more expensive than uberX without the promo code," said Julian.

According to the Uber app, their uberPOOL rides are shared rides and have the "lowest cost" compared to other ride options.