Part-time Uber driver appeals to rider he picked up from Blk 944 Tampines Ave 5 to return MacBook Air to him

Submitted by Stomper Edmund

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Edmund is appealing to a rider he picked up at Block 944 Tampines Avenue 5 at 12.36am today (Apr 9) to return his MacBook Air to him.

The Stomper had proceeded to go about picking up riders earlier today without realising that he had left a blue bag and a grey bag containing his silver MacBook Air at the backseat behind the driver's seat.

"I proceeded to pick up the first rider at 944 Tampines Avenue 5 and alighted him at 201A Tampines Street 21 at 12.36am," said Edmund.

"Subsequently, I picked up the second rider at Tampines Avenue 1 at about 12.55am and alighted him at Block 482 Pasir Ris Drive 4.

"Before alighting, the second rider told me that my blue bag was at the passenger seat behind the driver's seat.

"It was then I realised that my grey bag containing the silver  MacBook Air that was supposed to be at the seat as well was missing.

"Efforts to find the bag have been to no avail.

"The MacBook Air contains my personal school and work stuff, and is locked with a password.

"Therefore, I am appealing for the first rider, who I suspect took it, to return it to the nearer police station as a police report has been made.

"His particulars and whereabouts can be established with help from Uber, HDB CCTV, and telecom.

"Taking items without asking is considered as stealing.

"Hope the first rider will reconsider his action and rectify it.

"Will appreciate Stomp publishing this to create awareness on social media."