ONE FM91.3's 'Ministers of Radio' charm aunties and uncles during kopitiam 'walkabout'

ONE FM91.3's 'Ministers of Radio' Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman conducted a Community Walkabout at a kopitiam as part of their campaign to make radio great again.

Their unexpected appearance attracted the attention of both patrons and stall owners.

One eager drink aunty was so mesmerised by the duo's good looks that she rushed to take a selfie with them.

She later told the campaign's film crew with gusto:

"These two ministers is number one ah!

"I will vote for them, because they are very 'humsum' also hehehe."

A grateful owner of an Indian food stall also went up to thank the 'ministers'.

According to him, his business improved after he took a photo with the both of them and pasted it on his store front.

The charm that emanated from the image even helped to keep pests like cockroaches and lizards away.

Towards the end of the video, the stall owner thanked Glenn and The Flying Dutchman with a couple of onions.

Have a look at what went on below and check out what else the 'ministers' did to make radio great again here.