OMG! Not a good day for owner of this Toyota Camry!

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

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Stomper Ah Boy recently came across a video showing a silver Toyota Camry SDB8855 which was crushed after the arm of a lorry crane XD2007C, along with sacks of construction materials landed on the top of it. 

In the video, several passerby had gathered around the scene, including a man in teal polo T-shirt who was allegedly the owner of the vehicle, as introduced by the person who took the video. 

A man in a purple shirt was also seen walking away from the lorry. 

The top of the car had also caved in under the weight of the crane and construction material. 

Ah Boy forwarded the video, which has been circulating on WhatsApp to Stomp.

It is unclear when or where the incident took place. 

Watch the video below.