Oh dear! Merc submerged after water floods basement carpark of Tampines Rd condo

Submitted by Stomper Jennifer

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Singapore experienced a bout of heavy rain yesterday evening (Apr 27) causing flooding in several areas of Singapore.

Even cars parked in private carparks were not spared from the rising water level.

Stomper Jennifer had gone down to her condominium's carpark at Fortune Park along Tampines Road.

"The water was flooding into the carpark and it looked like a flowing river," exclaimed Jennifer.

She quickly moved her car up the slope to avoid the flood but saw one Mercedes car almost completely submerged.

"It looks like the owner was not at home to move his car," she said.

According to Jennifer, the water had drained out from the carpark at 10am this morning but the Mercedes was still where it was the day before.

"I think the owner is going to have to get a tow truck to move it."