NTU students, you can now check campus bus arrival times on Telegram

Gone are the days where you had to wait impatiently for the next campus bus to arrive, all the while complaining about the unreliable bus timings and perspiring in the heat.

A game-changing campus bus arrival chatbot for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus buses has been introduced for popular messaging apps Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The bot, NTU Bus Arrival, was launched on Telegram on Sunday (Jan 15). Developed by final-year undergraduates Yap Deep and Marcus Tee, the bot garnered over 600 users by the next day, according to Yellow Pages.

Prior to the chatbot’s launch, NTU students had to use a website or a mobile app to check the location of the campus buses.

The chatbot was launched on Facebook today (Jan 17).

Users can chat with the Facebook bot here.

The Telegram bot can be accessed here, or by searching for NTU_BusArrivalBot on Telegram.