Neighbour repeatedly aggravates Bedok South resident's dogs -- by barking at them

Submitted by Stomper G

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Stomper G said that a neighbour of hers at Bedok South Road constantly barks and aggravates her dogs whenever he passed their house.

G sent two video clips, one in which she said the man can be heard barking at her dogs.

"He does this just as the dogs bark at him whenever he passes by our house," said G.bark 

"He does this just to aggravate them.

"The dogs bark at passers-by as they are guarding the house.

"But this guy keeps terrorising our dogs as well as the neighbours'.

"He even threatened to put our dogs down, and shouted vulgarities at us, without provocation, when we asked why he is doing this."

The Stomper said the videos were filmed on Thursday (May 25) and Friday (May 26), but added that this man has done similar things on multiple occasions before.