Mum concerned after son eats mouldy cupcake bought from Geylang Serai Market

Submitted by Stomper Geetha

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Stomper Getta bought some cupcakes from a stall at Geylang Serai Market yesterday (May 20) at around 11am at the request of her son.

Upon opening the box of cupcakes at 3.30pm, she was shocked to see that there were white specks of mould on the cakes, and a pungent smell was emitted from the contaminated pastry.

Unfortunately, her son had already eaten half of a cake.

In a phone interview, Geetha said:

"We’re waiting to see if he (my son) gets sick.

"I’ve thrown all the other cakes away.

"This is quite serious. How can they sell food that isn’t safe?"