Motorists are not allowed to 'chope' parking lots, offenders can be fined: HDB

The HDB has responded to Stomp's query on whether drivers are allowed to reserve a parking lot for their own use.

On Wednesday (Jan 18), a Stomper sent Stomp a photo showing an orange cone placed in front of an empty parking lot at Ubi Avenue 1 he saw at 8.30am on the same day. He reported that he has been seeing that happening for more than three months.

In a telephone interview and WhatApp message, the Stomper told Stomp that the lot was reserved by a BMW driver who owned a shop nearby.

The parking lot was demarcated by white markers, meaning that it was meant for public use. The driver however claimed that the lot is allocated for him and will park his vehicle there from 8am to 4.30pm, according to the Stomper. 

The HDB has released a statement saying that such practices are not allowed.

Said a spokesperson:

"Motorists are not allowed to reserve parking lots by placing items on or in front of a car park lot. Offenders can be issued a fine. 
"Prior to this STOMP post, HDB had not received feedback about the “reservation” of parking lots at Ubi Ave 1.  

"We are investigating the feedback and have also stepped up enforcement in the car park. Action will be taken against motorists who infringe the parking rules.
"Members of the public may call HDB’s Enforcement Hotline at 1800-272409 to report any illegal or indiscriminate parking in an HDB car park."

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