Man yells 'sah lak kau', scolds cabby's mother -- after vomiting in his taxi

A video circulating online shows a shirtless man believed to be drunk, spewing vulgarities at a cabby and shouting gang slogan 'sah lak kau' after allegedly vomiting in his taxi.

According to the caption on the video uploaded on All Singapore Stuff, the incident took place near Block 130 at Bedok North Street 2 at around 4am on May 21 . 

It also indicated that the shirtless man was drunk and had vomited in the taxi earlier.

At the beginning of the video, the cabby can be first seen walking away from the shirtless man.

Both of them then stood at opposite sides of the taxi as the shirtless man started shouting expletives at the cabby.

After scolding the cabby's mother with a derogatory term, the shirtless man shouted 'sah lak kau' before slamming the top of the taxi.

The duo then continued arguing with each other. The cabby maintained his cool but his counterpart remained aggressive. 

At the 52-second mark of the video, the dispute escalated after the shirtless man shouted loudly and gesturing that he wanted to take the quarrel somewhere else.

His female companion, however, restrained him. 

At the end of the video, the shirtless man appeared to be showing the cabby something on his phone. The recording stopped thereafter.

It is unclear what led to the dispute.

On May 21, Stomp reported that a shirtless, drunk man was woken up by passersby after he was spotted lying down on Foch Road.

He refused assistance and left the scene thereafter.

It is not known however, if the man was the same one who shouted at the cabby.