Man falls sick after eating 'cold' currypuff bought from store at Jurong East MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Chitra

Stomper Chitra's husband fell sick after eating what he described to be a 'cold' currypuff that he had bought from a store at Jurong East MRT Station yesterday (May 16).

Her husband had sent Chitra to Ng Teng Fong Hospital and was waiting for her to be admitted at around 10pm.

Feeling hungry he dropped by the store to get himself a snack but was shocked that the currypuffs in the food warmer display case were cold.

"When he asked the shopkeeper why the currypuff was cold, he replied that his bos said all electricity must be turned off at night," said Chitra.

Despite the currypuff not being cold, her husband ate half of it anyway because he was so hungry.

"Today, he has stomach ache and diarrhoea."