Man calls for taxi -- only for it to arrive 31 hours later

Submitted by Stomper Benedict

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Stomper Benedict was surprised to find a taxi that he had called for on Sunday (Jan 22) to arrive 31 hours later today (Jan 23) at around 1am.

Said the puzzled Stomper:

"I contacted Comfort & CityCab via text message for a taxi on Sunday at around 5.24pm, only to find that there were no cabs available.

"However, I woke up today to receive two text messages from Comfort & CityCab.

"Apparently, while I was asleep at home, at 12.49am, a CityCab Maxi Cab with a booking fee of $2.30 was scheduled to pick me up from my workplace. 

"In other words, the cab that I had called for arrived 31 hours later!" 

The Stomper has since sent Comfort & CityCab an e-mail with regards to the rather strange incident, and has also texted the taxi driver who showed up at his workplace to apologise. 

"Poor taxi driver who travelled all the way there and waited in vain. I felt like I owed him an apology," added Benedict.