Man blocks path of taxi with passenger inside -- all because of an argument

A video circulating on Facebook shows a man blocking a taxi at a pick up point of a building.

According to the caption on the video published on All Singapore Stuff, the man clad in a white shirt was involved in an argument before the footage was recorded and decided to block the cabby.

There was a passenger on board the taxi at that point of time.

In the video, an orange sign can be seen in front of a black vehicle. The man was walking around behind the sign, blocking the vehicle from moving out.

A woman tried to move the sign away, but the man snatched it away from her and slammed it in front of the vehicle. Another woman can be seen trying to calm the man down.

It is unclear what led to the argument. 

The video has garnered more than 170 since it was posted yesterday (Jan 23).