Man argues with LTA officer over his e-scooter -- then takes things to the extreme by trying to destroy it

A man was filmed arguing with an enforcement officer before attempting to destroy his e-scooter by smashing it onto the ground repeatedly.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident happened, but two videos showing the dispute was uploaded on Facebook by user Mohamed Ali on Jan 1.

In the first clip, the man is seen quarrelling with who appears to be an Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer.

The man also said that he "does not want [his e-scooter] anymore" several times before stomping on it.

The second video shows the man going to even greater extremes by picking up his e-scooter and smashing it onto the ground repeatedly.

It is unknown what the altercation was about exactly, but the officer can be heard saying that the man was aggressive.

Ali's post has since been shared nearly 4,500 times.