Man and uncle rain blows on each other until youths pull them apart

Apparently, trading blows is not enough in a fight these days. One has to dab his hand in saliva and slap his opponent as well.

A video shared on by Ini Sléé Roux shows just this, as what appears to be a road rage incident takes an even more bizarre turn towards the end.

The clip shows the two man punching and wrestling each other before falling on a grass patch nearby.

The younger of the two men manages to get the upper hand at this point, despite having his t-shirt ripped.

He manages to get on top of the elderly man and rains punches on him.

A youth rushes to pull them apart, followed by and older individual.

Another youth then arrives, and the three of them manage to separate the two men. 

Others can be seen looking on from a distance, including the person who filmed the incident.