Man allegedly drives off with friend's rental car after he passes out

Submitted by Stomper Fredz

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Stomper Fredz alerted Stomp to the plight of a friend whose rental Subaru Impreza was allegedly stolen by his drinking companion after he passed out near a pub in Chinatown last month (Apr 7). 

In the police report made on Apr 24, the victim said he rented a blue Subaru Impreza of licence plate number SJL9784E at the start of April (Apr 6).

He subsequently bumped into an old friend later in the day and the pair decided to go for a drink in Chinatown. After parking the car on the second floor of a multi-storey carpark in Chinatown, they went to a pub located one or two floors above.

The man said he could not remember the name of the pub or location of the carpark as he was unfamiliar with the area.

After drinking until 3am, he told his friend that he would have to make his way back home himself, before passing out.

When he awoke at 8am, the victim realised that his car key and Subaru was missing. His companion has been uncontactable since then.

Said the Stomper:

"The car is a rented vehicle and now my friend is very stressed and hopefully drivers on the road or anyone of you could keep a lookout.

"And to the friend, if you are reading this post, please do not hide anymore and return the car. We will not pursue the matter if you return the car."