Maggots wriggling in burger from stall at Hougang Interchange will make you want to puke

If you get squeamish easily, it is best that you look away now.

A shocking video posted by Facebook user Noor Nazera shows dozens of maggots crawling on the meat patty of a burger, and it is enough to make us all lose our appetites.

Noor told Stomp that her father-in-law had purchased four of the burgers, six curry puffs, one packet of nasi lemak and pickled food from a food stall at Hougang Central Bus Interchange yesterday (Feb 16).

According to another of Noor's Facebook posts, the burgers from that stall were already pre-wrapped and ready-to-go.

She had opened one of them up to add cheese inside for her child and that was when she made the disgusting discovery.

"I have submitted a complaint to the National Environment Agency (NEA) via their website," Noor told Stomp, adding that it was the first time her family had purchased anything from the stall.