Local hottie Sheila Sim to get married: See who's the lucky guy

Sorry guys, but 32-year-old Singaporean model-actress Sheila Sim will be off the shelf soon, after accepting her boyfriend’s proposal on New Year's Eve (Dec 31) last year.

The pair had gotten to know each other via a dating app and he had popped the questions just six months into dating.

The wedding is set to happen later this year. 

Sim has kept the identity of her fiancé’ under wraps, but revealed that her husband-to-be is a 36-year-old Singaporean working in the bank industry, and is currently posted overseas. 

She also said that he did not know she was a celebrity when they first met. 

Sim added that her fiancé’s simple nature and thoughtful drew her to him, but it had not been all rosy; she was ready to pull the plug on the relationship if her on-screen family from Channel 8’s drama ‘118’ did not approve of him.

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