Kind-hearted netizens raise over $40k for 22-year-old who lost fingers and legs to gangrene

People from all walks of life have rallied together to raise over $40,000 for a 22-year-old youth who lost his fingers and legs to gangrene.

Henry Seah was serving his National Service when he was suddenly diagnosed with Adenoviral Pneumonia.

As his diseased progressed he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in Khoo Teck Puat hospital before being transferred to National University Hospital for life support.

He was unconscious most of this time after being put in an induced coma while several procedures were performed on him.

He came close to death three times in just one month but with the help of the dedicated doctors and nurses, he survived the ordeal but suffered some losses as well.

His fingers and toes had turned black in his month spent in the ICU due to gangrene.

The gangrene had resulted from the prolonged use of adrenaline to support his low blood pressure.

As a result, his fingers and legs had to amputated.

His sister, Cindy turned to Go Get Funding to raise funds for the medical costs incurred trying to save Henry's life.

On the fundraising site, Cindy wrote:

"My family, including my mum, myself and my younger sister, were devastated with the news of our beloved son/brother, who could potentially be the sole breadwinner of this family, to be permanently disabled in his prime years and throughout his life.

"As my father had passed away since 4 years ago from colon cancer, Henry has become our pillar of strength.

"It was a tough time accepting the news, especially my mum who witnessed the loss of her husband and now, her son, to face such fate."

However, despite this unfortunate situation, Henry has remained grateful and positive and even gives the rest of his family encouragement.

He will require a lot of money to fund for the rest of his life with constant medical checkups, acquiring prosthesis, buy a motorised wheelchair, rehabilitation and trasport assistance.

The family is welcoming any form of donation for Henry to tide him through these tough times.

Find out how you can help here.