Kid whizzes by on skate-scooter to beat traffic light -- but learns painful lesson

A young boy was hit by a taxi after he beat a traffic light at a pedestrian crossing while riding his skate-scooter.

Facebook user Cheng Boon Hui uploaded a video showing how the child had whizzed by and crossed the road, even though the traffic lights had just turned and were no longer in his favour.

An oncoming taxi then rammed into the kid and sent him flying.

According to a timestamp on the video, the incident took place on Mar 17 at about 6.30pm, though it is unclear where it happened.

In response to the clip, netizens have questioned where the boy's parents were when the accident happened and slammed them for 'parenting fail'.

One user commented, "Not the kid's fault. Not the taxi driver's fault. It's definitely both the parents fault!"